Greg Knauss writes ‘Bugged‘.

We can make this work. We have to make this work. A bug bite cannot be the thing that draws the line between a middle-class life and poverty, between opportunity and the stagnant dead-end of could-have-been. Our friends, our neighbors, our children, the future of this country as a cohesive society — as an endeavor where we see each other as more than opponents, as more than competitors — depends on it.

Marco Arment responds:

At some point, the United States will offer a public option. And at some point after that, we will effectively get federally funded universal health care. We’re getting bits and pieces, starting with children and the elderly, but it’s slowly spreading.

And Peter Cohen writes: Affordable health care saved my life.

I find it inconceivable that we’re still having a national discussion about health care as a privilege only for the wealthy or those lucky enough to work for an employer who offers affordable insurance. We need to recognize it as a fundamental human right if we’re to ever evolve as a compassionate society that actually wants to uplift its population to prosperity.

Romney was wrong. The proudest and happiest day Obama supporters didn’t have when Obama was elected. Our proudest day was when he signed the Affordable Health Care Act into law.