Olympia Startup Weekend was supposed to be happening this weekend in our city. The organizers and “platinum” sponsors of the event bill themselves as marketing, strategy and branding consultancy.

We are a hybrid agency that builds the necessary foundation through strategic planning and then leverages that plan via hard-hitting, creative communications, cutting-edge technology, and a dash of New York attitude.

The events homepage is a huge mess of unfinished links and out-dated information about last years event. No update on the canceling of this year’s event but lots of ad and sponsor buttons. No speakers listed, no events information other than the generic “mission statement”. But plenty of Facebook plugins and ‘tweet this’ buttons.

I love that Olympia has a Startup Weekend but considering the reputation the event has around the globe, this is a real shame. Can’t Olympia do better? It’s already a tough go for tech companies in our community. We have the usual dev. nerds, who code mostly  for the State. But then you have plenty of marketing hustlers, who’s revolutionary ability to plug code-snippets into WordPress templates is considered success for the community.

If you want to host an event, you gotta do better then that. If you want to attract quality startups, you gotta bring more then buzz words and templates. If you want to succeed in business you focus on quality and authenticity. That will create attraction.

Unless of course, people are paid off under the table. And there’s a lot of that going on in our city.

But Olympia deserves better.