And why the Mariners are against a new arena being build next door to their stadium.


There’s a theory I quite like, one that notes that the Mariners have an opt-out clause in their TV deal with Root Sports, one that becomes available in three years. It’d be natural to assume that the next step is their own regional sports network. RSNs are the wave of the present, and for now at least, can print money at will. The M’s, with all their Japanese benefactor cash, would be foolish not to start their own RSN, and probably want to do so at the first opportunity. But that opportunity doesn’t come until 2015 at the earliest—by which time Hansen might have revived the SuperSonics and started his own network, and Seattle’s not a big enough city for two RSNs. If there’s anything to this theory (and there’s no evidence beyond logical conjecture), the Mariners don’t need to stop the Sodo arena, don’t need to keep basketball from returning to Seattle—they only need to drag the process out a few more years.