Isn’t this brilliant?
“How would you like your news?”

• The Olympian reports a day the health care bill is being signed: Change is slow after health care battle.

• The Seattle Times headlines their paper on the same day: Changes coming quickly: fight moves to the states.

There you have it folks. You doo anything to news. The Seattle Times and the Olympian are both owned by McClatchy, distributed only 60 miles apart.

But the question is now, why did the Olympian choose to report on the “slowness” of the change, vs. the Times on the “quickness”.

Do you think they thinking of their readership and chose the headlines because of that?
What other reasons could’ve played a role this?

And furthermore, how does media influence our way of thinking. Sure, we’re smarter then this, but could it be that Seattle folks, or those who read the Times, are getting a more positive headline, and are therefore more positive about all of this. Sure, it all depends on which side of the fence you’re sitting when it comes to the topic at hand, but it’s still an interesting thing to look at and to ponder.