Taking a look back at the old year, I’d like to take a cue from the Sueddeutsche Magazine and their 240 Questions for the new year and will below translate some of their best and add some of my own.

This year 2011 was a tough one, not an easy one. A year of big events, hardly a chance to sit down and relax. A year to remember? Well, some events will definitely burn themselves into our memories, some moments will be treasures that seem lost all too quickly.

How do you store memories?

How much time do you spend walking back through them and reminding yourself of past events?

When was the last time you went camping?
Did you go to a State Park/National Park this last year? Did you take any vacation at all?

What was the favorite meal you had last year?

Who do you consider to be your family?

How much time do you spend with them each year?
What Holidays do you spend with them?
Do you look forward to those days?

What is more important to you, your worldview or your bank account status?

How many people came to your last birthday party?
How many people will come to your funeral, describe the difference.

Are you planning on redefining yourself?
Are you doing it for yourself or for others?

In how many lanuguages can you say: I love you?

What does your ability to speak multiple languages say about your sense of hospitality?

What’s your main activity on Facebook? Are you still not on Twitter?

How did you find out about Osama Bin Laden’s death? Which person’s death had the biggest impact on your life?

What kind of fighter are you? Do you fight for or against something?

What was the last project you finished and it was good?

How do you create something new? Where do you start? Where does inspiration come from? How do you act on it? How do you follow through with it?

What startup company would you want to work for? What position would you like to have?

Have you taken public transportation to work?

Do you own a bike?

What was the place you spend most of your time last year? Did you like it there? Will you be spending most of your life in the same place? Will you enjoy it?

If you could reset one thing about your life/get a complete do-over, what would you do?

What was the hot thing of 2011? What will be hot tomorrow? By the end of the year?

What new Apple device did you purchase? Is it still doing the things you wanted it for?

What’s the difference between cyniscm and sarcasm?

What was your favorite movie you saw last year? What format did you watch it on? Who did you watch it with?

How many books did you buy? How many did you buy in paper, how many as eBooks? How many did you finish?

Will you vote?

Who will become Republican Presidantal Nominee? How will you make a decision on who to vote for? You won the Presidency, what’s the first thing you would do? What you be willing to compromise on this, if it would mean you’d get a second term?

Will you be watching the Olympics in London this Summer?

What sport would you pick up this year, if money and time would not be an issue? If money and time is an issue, what sport will you perform, enjoy?
Will you watch the Euro Soccer Championship in the Ukraine/Poland? Who will win the Championship?

How does life continue?

Where does confidence come from?