Nicholas Carr on bundling ebooks with paper hardcover books:

Readers today are forced to choose between buying a physical book or an ebook, but a lot of them would really like to have both on hand – so they’d be able, for instance, to curl up with the print edition while at home (and keep it on their shelves) but also be able to load the ebook onto their e-reader when they go on a trip. In fact, bundling a free electronic copy with a physical product would have a much bigger impact in the book business than in the music business.

Like record companies do it with their vinyls.

Just like that. I would’ve purchased many books that way. The Steve Jobs biography for one I do not own because I can’t decide between print and ebook version. I love real books, I used to own a bookstore. I have a big book shelf. Books are part of my life. But I also get the appeal of the “futuristic” ebooks and would want to read books in ebook version, but own and store/display them in hardcover.