This site, LIVELIFELOUD has gone through many, many incarnations over the years. I wipe the slate clean and this inspires me to create something new. I fill it up. Put building blocks together, a idea is born, a spark leads to a new passion.

Essentially this has created einmaleins, Everyday Olympia and My Return to Cooking.

I’ve used this vessel to help others, built them websites, consult them on strategy on how to brand and market themselves. I’ve always enjoyed dreaming up ideas, creating projects out of those and seeing where things are going.

Now, I’ve been blogging again over the last few months. I enjoy this tremendously and think I found a new voice, a new platform – again… as if I have nothing better to do. Actually I don’t.

So, stay tuned, for another big shift in the way we do things here and come back for more, cause their always will be more!