Well, Stephen Wolfram almost did. There are some fascinating graphs on his personal blog counting keystrokes, emails, phone calls and meetings. It’s an incredible set of data.

It makes me a somewhat sad, that I have not been able to collect more of my electronically -connected life. Of course that life, all those experiences are still there, accumulated in what now gives me perspective and is reflected in what I do now and hopefully makes me successful. But being able to tell and display that story is fascinating. I’ve first registered this domain in December 2000, that’s over 11 years. But I don’t have any connecting history to show for. Bits a pieces here and there. Photoshop comps and old Dreamweaver files are floating around on my hard drive archives, but LiveLifeLoud has always been a personal blog and if I would’ve stuck with it over all these years I now could tell an awesome story.

Well, perhaps one day I find time to piece this story together and put some perspective to it.