David of AppCubby:

After 4 years in the racket, this is my best advice for making millions in the App Store: build a game, a gimmick, or an app that has some sort of revenue outside a one-time purchase. Oh, and if it’s a game, make it “free-to-play”. You might be able to build a sustainable business selling useful apps, and carve out a decent living for yourself, but it’s almost impossible to make millions.

The realization for many indy developers is that $.99 for an app is just not enough.

The thing is, the entire software industry is changing. Computer users used to spend hundreds of dollars for great software and pay again every couple years for upgrades. But over the past couple decades people have grown accustomed to getting more and more value from software while paying less and less for it. The web has played a huge part in that, but the trend was accelerated by the App Store and Apple’s management of it.

My experience goes a bit against this notion,  that is when I first bought the iPad I scoured the app store for free apps, took advertisement as a necessary side product and was okay with inferior apps for the sake of getting the free version.

Now I am happy to pay not just 99 cents, but even a few dollars for a good app. I don’t even blink anymore at $2.99 or $3.99 for an app, even if I realized that not all apps work out for me, and I don’t use them indefinitely. My expectations has changed, the app doesn’t have to revolutionize my world anymore, just needs to offers a pleasant solution for something in my life and I am willing to spend more for it.

Could this be a trend? I hope so for all those awesome developers out there bringing cool new stuff to my devices.

Keep it up. I’ll pay for it.