For the world to come together and collectively start thinking of a solution on how to stop the spill?
Sure, we can boycott BP, be mad at them and the government of failing to respond adequately, but the reality is that the oil is still spilling… I know there have been some stupid attempts on Youtube and elsewhere to crowd-source a solution. But there are professional networks that are supposedly setup to find solutions during crisis. Like the Open Architecture Network or a group like TED. In fact, it’s been surprisingly quiet from the TED front on this one…
Sure, it’s not “their” problem, so I don’t blame them for not solving the problem, but it would proof their amazingness and really bring them out into the open. This could be their moment to shine.

John Stewart jokingly said that Steve Jobs should run our government, but the fact of the matter is that Steve solves the iProblems that we didn’t have. His iProducts are great, but really, we could’ve lived without them. We learn to love them and learn to not be able to live without them.

This oil spill is a crises we don’t even have a clue yet on how dramatic the lasting effects of the oil in our oceans is going to be. This is nto BP’s problem anymore, and the US government shouldn’t waste time trying to solve this either. What they should be doing is throwing their hands in the air and yelling for help. From anyone, from anywhere… this needs to be fixed fast… FIX IT.

* @johnnycoke just send me a link to the TedXOilSpill that is going to happen in D.C. later this month. Good!