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Over the last week our Einmaleins team launched a fun new website for a great local company:

The Olympia Meat Collective

We were approached by them with a tight deadline and an even tighter budget. But rather then setting the OMC up with a mediocre WordPress theme, lots of under-used sidebars and a half-assed responsive design, we kept the open source WordPress platform and stripped the site concept down to the core essentials. We wanted to highlight the classes, the product they are selling, front and center. That’s OMC’s core product. And we suggested the management of the registration through Eventbrite. Bold images and font and a simple blog to round out the site and we had a complete concept. For the logo we worked with our favorite designer Casey Gorsuch, who create a strong brand inspired by the way meat is labelled or stamped with blueberry ink at the butcher.

The Olympia Meat Collective brings local meat to local people. It’s a network of Olympia citizens who are looking for a cost-effective way to buy meat directly from Washington’s small ranchers and farmers.

Modeled after the Portland Meat Collective and inspired by Camas Davis and her wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, Olympia is get its very own Meat Collective!