So, there’s this new trend, where people sell their company/app/site/idea to a larger corporation with lots of cash, presumably in exchange for lots of cash and then the inevitable happens and the large corporation shuts the service down.

A little later a disgruntled founder shows up on Kickstarter and begs for cash to restart the service.

I get that we love stories of redemption, especially in the tech industry, but what I don’t get is why we are supposed to support projects like this.

The founders made a bad decision by selling their brainchild, and in the process letting their users down while cashing in big.

Now we are supposed to trust them to do better?

Perhaps they didn’t know that selling their product would inevitably lead to a closure, but really? You didn’t know that?

I suppose a Kickstarter campaign helps vet the actual interest by users in a restart of a project, thus lowering the risks for founders, which is great, since they dealt with this so great the first time around.

Also: Do we have any examples that this ‘restarting on Kickstarter’ actually works? In the ever-changing world of technology bringing a quasi successful product from a few years ago back to live today doesn’t really sound like a good business strategy.

Unless we’re just funding pet projects for people who want us to help kickstart their hobby. I’m game for that.

I’m really wanting to get back into model trains, would you get me some cash so I can build the train set of my life. Really, it’ll be great. I’ll post a slo-mo video on Vimeo as a reward, I promise.