(Okay, that headline was a bit harsh – I apologize.)
But there is something that irks me since awhile now and I need to find the right mood to put it into words.

Here is one great example: The Good Taste Review, does what it says, it reviews food related books and products. It mentions even Omnivore Books, a bookstore in San Francisco soley devoted to cookbooks. But Omnivore doesn’t have an online store, so they have to link to Amazon. Sam’s The Second Lunch is an even better example: Sam works part-time at Omnivore, has a food blog and an amazon online affiliate program linked to her store? You might as well give your books away for free, really.

Those educated bloggers, everyone is raging about them and they are increasingly becoming the new trendsetters. Everytime they link a book, every product review goes straight to amazon.com.
Sure, amazon has the largest, most consistent selection on the web. Sure, they offer affiliate linking and percent kickback – it’s around 4% I believe and sure, they are virtually available globally and everyone has already a amazon account, so shopping is easy and trusted.
But amazon and the convenience of its size and service is nothing different to what Walmart is. Huge size, perfect convenience, parking…

Many of those bloggers are promoting local, small business. Know your source, be a locavore. Choose quality over convenience.
This is really great and I love it, don’t get me wrong.

But why stop at the food, why stop at local Farmers? The Farmers Markets are the latest rage. Everyone is doing it? Everyone is going. Praising quality and experience over convenience. CSA’s, organic, locavores. We know where our food comes from, but that’s where it ends.

Now, this love, this “bigger picture” approach, “going back to our roots” whatever you want to call it needs to spill over into other part of our local “food chain” if you will.  Sure, no local store offers a similar convenient affiliate program that people could use.
Or am I wrong? Well, OpenSkyProject is trying to do just that I suppose. But not very well right now.

How cool would it be if there was a little software someone could develop, small retailers could buy it and offer a affiliate service to their local bloggers.

So, to put my money where my mouth is:
If there are any local bloggers out there that would like to link to products in their blog that I might stock, I would most definitely find a way of making this happen.  And if it’s a product I don’t stock – contact me too, I might just do it for you.
I will even offer a better kickback percentage then amazon. Even though I probably shouldn’t. I’ve been told and believe that supporting local isn’t supposed to be about making more money, but making the right choice.

But I will, contact me for  details.