I love when people on television complain about our phone usage.
Hellllllllo, history repeats itself.

Didn’t we just mere 20 years ago complain about how television would make us emotionally numb and socially handicapped? So, did it happen? Did television ruin our lives and our future?

No. And today’s television folks are decrying our smart phone usage. Calling it an addiction and the end of civilization. And they are doing it on television. Television, the previous killer of society and now their platform to make money. Yeah, makes sense.

Just because you haven’t found a way to use the tool and or make money on it, doesn’t mean it’s a bad tool. Because, after all it’s just a tool. And just like any cultural toys and tools there is over usage, miss usage, addiction and positive influence that pushed our society forward.

Let’s take a stand and say the old days were better. That makes you relevant. Because I too had to walk to school barefoot in the snow uphill, both ways. And that was better.