Marcus writes:

One of the trickiest aspects of social media is finding your voice. Or rather finding the voice that will attract readers, followers, friends, fans, ad infinitum. At some point you might find yourself asking the question “Am I willing to compromise on my self image to build a following?”

And his thoughts on Gary V‘s success:

I think fans of Gary V are drawn to his transparency, not his obnoxiousness. Sure there’s a sensationalism that get’s people excited, but it’s because he’s talking from his heart.

Here is what Gary posted a while back but tweeted today:

Execute being you.

With social media we are in control of our message, our voice and our appearance in so many more ways, but we mustn’t make the mistake that this in turn means that it now is all about us. And neither is our business there to serve just ourselves.

On my blog post: “It’s the Customer Service, stupid” I make the point that in business our biggest advantage over the competition is just that, the ability to connect with the customer better then the next one, and that is what social media enables us to do. If we use the social tools just to broadcast ourselves that is fine and a sort of public journaling that can be consider narcissism, but it works. If we want to actually “sell something”, than we better connect and consider the recipient of our message. Who is our audience, who is listening, who is our product intended for.

Finding our own voice is important and will give our efforts both longevity and transparency, but if we don’t actually care about our audience then our new-found transparency will show this. This doesn’t mean we can’t continue using the tools to broadcast our message, it’s just that no one will listen.