I have loved the debates this time around. I read a great article in a German paper, which I can’t find to link to unfortuantely, written by an American explaining the history and importance of debating in American culture. It gave me a very different perspective on how to evaluate performance in the Presidential Debates. Yes, it’s a showcase for alpha ‘people’, a display of power, of smarts and quickness and ultimately of cleverness and charisma. But the debates uniquely highlight what stump speeches try to cover every day during the campaign:
How much do you really know about this stuff and how are you able to respond beyond the teleprompter.

Having a Twitter feed running is exceptionally valuable as a way to express your own thoughts while watching, learn more and gather information and find kinship and comic relief.

Of course, the debates aren’t perfect. There are other candidates, running on behalf of other parties that aren’t considered in this black-and-white showdown in the media, but this is a topic for another discussion.

This is a comment by me, allowing myself to find peace with yet another “American Thing”. A cultural element I used to not understand at all and now find fully acceptable, even enjoyable, somewhat informative but definitely helpful.