This tweet by Josh Davison:

iTunes Match pays $0.00330526797710 per stream. Spotify actually pays us more, at $0.00966947678815 per stream.

inspired The Next Web to write an article on musician compensation in the new world of music-streaming services like iTunes Match and Rdio.

The two numbers that need to be thrown into the mix so that amateurs could make sense of the mess are following:

• How much money does an artist earn on a each each heavily-discounted MP3 download on Amazon, per play!

• How much money does an artist earn, per listener on each radio play?

I understand the music business is not what it used to be, but so are many other business fields. The more artists complain about how much money they loose the more I do not want to listen to them.

I pay for RDIO and love it. I never paid for listening to the radio before. I purchased music because I grew fond of new bands by discovering them on RDIO. And, since I am not forced to buy every song outright, I am much more likely to spread my musical taste and listen to way more music than I used to. And by paying less for owning CD’s I have money in my budget that allows me to pay more for special packages of my favorite bands. Which, I have not acted on much, but this is not due to my frugality, but due to the lack of creativity on the artist.

So, stop complaining musicians and release cool shit and we will buy it.