In the same breath as my previous post, I decided to wrte one just for my city.

Lots has happened in downtown Olympia and although things have been a bit quieter when it comes to politics, and often it seems this city is fueled by nothing else, a city is made up of people like you and me. Individuals with individual choices, decisions, preferences and world views. Here is to another you where ‘You Make Olympia’.

Not even a year ago I launched Einmaleins TV.
Which was your favorite episode? Which one did you think was our most popular? Which one do you feel defines Olympia the best?

Have you visited Mt. Rainier or The Olympics National Park last year?

How long does it take to drive out to the ocean?

What’s  park within city limits you visit the most? Why?

How many times have you walked the Capital Lake loop this year?

What brings you to downtown?

What was your favorite community event you participated in last year?

What businesses opened last year, which ones closed?

Did you see any shows, performances or movies in downtown?

What’s your favorite restaurant in downtown? Which one did you frequent the most?

How many times have you visited the Farmers Market this last year? When does the market open back up? What other things do you do in downtown when you visit the market?

What’s the downtown establishments you spend the most money at?

How much did you donate, in auction or otherwise to Olympia-based organizations?

If the ODA, the PBIA or the VCB publish an annual report, would you read it?
What area would you be most interested in?

Do you ever take the bus to come to downtown? Your bike?

Where do you park your car when you come to downtown? Is it always the same spot?

Are you receiving the local newspaper in the mail? Do you read it? Where else do you receive information on local events, news and business updates?

What’s the percentage of your Facebook friends that live within a 25 mile radius?

The City is about to fill the vacant position on the Council, who should they pick? Were you eligibly to apply for that position? Why didn’t you apply?

If you would be nominated, what geographic area would you put the most emphasis? How much time do you spend in that area?

How can you get involved in your city without becoming political?

If you could live anywhere in Olympia, in exaclty the house that you can build, where would it be and why?

If you could move anywhere in the world, where would you move to?

How can Think Global Act Local be redefined for 2012?

How would it affect your actions in your city?