When McDonalds entered Germany it was different. Burgers & Fries were unique & new. I can’t believe Subway is in Germany. What German likes American sandwiches? In over 9 years in this country I never had the slightest interest to eat a Subway sandwich. They seem appalling to me and I would rather starve. Now, after opening over 700 restaurants the company is in trouble in Germany. Hah, I wonder if they will have to pull out of the market like Walmart had to a few years ago. Wouldn’t surprise me a bit!


(picture taken in Garmisch-Partenkirchen of a German sandwich chain restaurant: ARAN. They are doing it right!!)

PS: Don’t judge the company by their website… that is one thing hardly any European company has figured out: How to have a proper web presence in today’s day and age…. seriously!