Is he the best player in the world?

I’ll call him the greatest player of our time when he won a World Cup. 2016 the World Cup will be in Brazil. It’s on Messi’s continent and European teams always had a hard time outside their continent. This might be his year. But Brazil will certainly have a word to say about that. And with Spain’s win in South Africa in 2010 the spell of European countries winning outside their own continent might be broken.

The tough part about the documentary is that everyone being interviewed is heaving praises on Messi at this young age, making him already immortal. But I remember Ronaldo from Brazil and as fast as he climbed the ladder of success as hard he hit rock bottom. One injury and it can be over. I don’t wish it for him. But immortal players always have a certain amount of luck on their side they  stay healthy and find helpful club/trainer relationships. Currently Messi has that in Barcelona, but they won’t win the league this year, and it will be tough for them to win the Champions League as well. We shall see.