From Mule’s Announcement:

It’s a summary of the day’s news, written by an actual journalist, with links to the best reporting in the world, published once a day. It’s optimized for your phone or iPad so you can read it on the train home or on the couch. It can be the starting point for a deep-dive or just enough so you sound erudite at your next cocktail party. What it’s not, and what it will never be, is another chirp of noise constantly guilting you into checking it. It’s breaking news for the slow web.

From design shop to media empire in a few easy steps:

• Build a huge following on Twitter.

• Write and publish a book.

• Start a podcast network.

• Launch a written-from news site.

(I left off the t-shirt business, that’s so 2005)

Not necessarily in that order, but it seems to be a good formula… want to follow?

Also worth noting that there seems to be a point in using a bigger brand to promote and establish those new services. Each, obviously managed by different people, but under a somewhat unified marketing brand. Clever!