(Needs some fine-tuning and updating. Stay tuned!)

Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Mathias Eichler. I am a designer and I love building stuff. Some of the things I build are websites, marketing strategies and businesses for clients and for myself. Most things require me to use a computer all day long.

What hardware do you use?

I grew up with mobile computing. My first computer was a tangerine iBook. I loved the crap out of it, miss it too. But like every computer during this time, it grew obsolete as a working machine very quickly and I upgraded to the first generation Titanium G4 PowerBook. I still own this machine, although now its collecting dust.

When I opened the Einmaleins retail store I chose a desktop iMac, the first generation aluminum 20 inch. It served me well in the store as a POS unit. But it also made my computing stationary.
A few month ago I started using a fully loaded MacBook Air 13″. I love the rediscovered flexibility of taking work and everything else I have home with me or to client meetings. The machine is so light.
At the studio I use the MacBook with an Apple wireless keyboard and a Apple touchpad. I love the touchpad and will always choose it over the mouse. I also use a first gen iPad with 3G as a media device. I use it to stream Rdio to my remote Harman Kardon speakers. Awesome sound for those days when you just have to fill the studio space with sound.

What software do you use?

Twitter app must be my most used app.
Rdio for music listening.
Writer for writing, because I never wrote until I started using Writer and now I write.
Sparrow for Mail, because Jason and Brandon told me to. (Nope, I’m back using Apple Mail!)
Safari is my main broswer and I use Chrome for Flash content.

Photoshop and Dreamweaver, once you’re stuck with a workflow it’s hard to break the habit.
Dropbox for file sharing and collaborating,who doesn’t.
Reeder for RSS and news reading.
Wunderkit for project management, I like it better than Basecamp, since most of my projects are solo projects and if I have collaborators I have different ones for differnt projects.
I’ve always loved native apps. Hugely prefer them over tools that run in the browser. My browser is for browsing the web, not calendaring or project management or email.
I wrote an article about my most used apps for the iPad.

What would your dream setup be?

I need a big Thunderbolt display for sure. And it NEEDS To be a Thunderbolt display, they look amazing, but unfortuantely are pricey, that’s why I currently haven’t gotten a remote display.

At home, the entertainment situation is still not solved and it’s bugging me that Apple calls their Apple TV a hobby. The device isn’t quite there yet for me. I need it to be more than just a mirroring device for iPads and iPhones. I currently use a Roku box, because it offers me apps and is a better standalone unit compared to the Apple TV.

I still don’t have an iPhone. I lust for one. But my work doesn’t really require me to carry a cell phone at all, so the monthly cost I can’t justify quite yet, and thus I am without mobile phone. But this will change sooner than later.