cropped-BoxLogoMany years ago, before Facebook, and even mySpace I had the thought that the internet should provide electronic business card for individuals.

The way we all have phone numbers and street addresses attached to our names, but something electronically, that moves with us, as we move.
Our phone numbers increasingly are replaced by our email addresses and Twitter handles. But still not everyone has a website attached to their name. A landing page with all the vital information you want to share with the world. Social media has made it easy for us to connect to the internet that even our parents, grown up in an age before computers are now active using social media tools to connect with friends and family.
But the internet is bigger than just Facebook. And when people search online for your name they often find a jumble of social media accounts on the top of the list of results that you might’ve filled out and use actively, but some are abandoned, like the blog you started 3 years ago but forgotten about it.
This is not the greatest representation of who you are.

When launched a few years ago, I thought it was game over for my idea. They had the funding, the muscle and an idea that seemed very close to what I was thinking.
And yet, years later they have not grown in any significant way and the features they added are turning the idea of the electronic business card more and more into yet another social network. This feels like the wrong approach in my point of view, and so I decided to give it another go.

A few weeks I pulled my team together and between working on other projects for our clients we were able to complete our first version of MyName Theme and build our promotional site.
During that time Yahoo bought Tumblr and so we decided to work on a Tumblr theme as soon as we finished up the WordPress version. They might differ in some of the functionality a bit, but in essence will be the same.

So, what are we doing with MyName theme

We’re talking the blogging/CMS platforms and essentially turning them into a easy-to-update and maintain, multifunctional yet ‘static’ page. The WordPress theme is self-hosted. You gotta know how to install WordPress and upload your own theme. Tumblr will be, well on Tumblr. We’re also offering a White Glove version if you don’t want to deal with anything. We’ll take care of it all, the domain registration, the customization and launch. All you have to do is provide is with some content.

The theme is build around a grand photo for your face, your favorite stuffed animal or a giant logo of your next company you are going to build.
We have customization features for text color and font choices using Google fonts.
The footer section offers simple widgets for social media links, RSS, text fields and affiliate links.
The goal is to have a simple theme, something that can be setup in 30 minutes or less.
All you need is a cool domain and you can own your name on the internet.

Next steps

I really wanted to build some ‘software’.
So this is version 1. MyName 1.0 sounds so awesome. And of course we already have a cool feature list with awesome ideas for what we want to include in the next iterations. So, watch this space as I announce additional features, some bug fixes if there are any and other cool new things.

Would love for you to try it out.