Hey PandoDaily,
we love your reporting, your cute icons and your little stabs at Techcrunch, which is falling apart and you’re sitting at the sidelines enjoying the sight.

You’ve blossomed very quickly and everyone is talking about you. You siphoned off some of the best tech writers around with promise of actual salaries and no oversight by Arianna.

It’s good that you pick up the slack, someone had to.

But here is what we’re waiting for from you:

Clearly at some point you gotta make money, but that’s not even what I am worried about. Watched Silicon Valley long enough from the sidelines that I realize that this is secondary.

I am looking for that next level of online news coverage. Online journalism. Can it work, can it be sustainable? What Arianna did with the Huffington Post is, she disrupted newspapers. For better or for worse, she turned the site into one of the most visited news sites on the market.

Can PandoDaily disrupt in the same way? Find a path not travelled and proof to the world a new way of doing tech journalism? Or was PandoDaily just created to catch everyone that was running from or getting laid off by Techcrunch?