The German Bundesliga is on its second to last weekend of play.  The FC Bayern München is Champion, sort of. In two more finals with the chance of the ultimate crown: the Triple. No other team in the Bundesliga can do this. Sure, there are other teams out there that every now and then come sort of close, but no other team is threatening to do this consistently. I tip my hat to the team, as much as I have to loathe them too. I sure wish there would be another team, or two that could consistently put pressure on München and create a lasting rivalry.

Any other team in the Bundesliga that plays international struggles to keep to competitions alive. Hamburg failed to get into the final for the Europa Cup and slipped even out of International rankings for 2011. Stuttgart played alright in the Champions League, but while playing all three competitions the team during the winter break was standing on a relegation spot. Only after the “FA Cup” was out of the picture and the Champions League contention was over did Stuttgart perform. Sure, they are the best team of the 2nd leg, but it doesn’t help now, as they might not even make it into international contetion for 2011. Did Stuttgart spend its Gomez Millions? Where is the investment in wanting to perform on the level of München? They are proving to the Barcas, the Madrids and the Chealseas that you don’t need a rich “sugar daddy” to come in and buy the trophy. If München can win the triple this year, they’ve accomplished a rare feat and set an incredible president. If you create the right synergy between players and coach a team can win it all.