I write this in English, to stay consistent with this blog, but this is really a comment on German soccer and you kinda need to know the insight scoop to get this. But, I figured out why FC Bayern is constantely in the media. No other team in the Bundesliga has so many talking heads, that seem to do nothing in the organization then talk to the media. There is Beckenbauer, Rummenigge, Hoeneß, and that didn’t even include the actual coach. Then there are all the alumni of Bayern that constantely stand up and choose to be interviewed abou the current state of the team. No other team as this close-knit followership and promotion machine.

No other team gets this much media coverage, no other team has had the chance of winning the coveted triple this season. So, as much as we despise you just like we do the Yankees, we have to love you cause you fill our need for sports gossip on a daily basis.

PS: I wish another team in Germany would grow up to this statue and create a real, lasting, annual occuring rivalry; Hello VfB Stuttgart, I’m calling you!!