TED2014 remote notes:

Are there dark sinister parasites who are influencing our behavior without us knowing about it?”

Yes, it was good to hear the NSA respond to the surprise appearance by Edward Snowden. It was helpful to hear both sides of the story.

Learning all the facts and reading beyond the headlines is important. But without Snowden we wouldn’t have this conversation. And we need to have this conversation.

What’s the government’s responsibility to check their role in upholding the freedom of the American people while continuing to ensure our safety? And how does this role change when we reach across our physical borders. And American business are increasingly multinational corporations.

What’s the American corporation’s role in delivering free products and services to the people of the world and wanting to include everyone, friend and foe. What’s their role and plan in ensuring the world can be a safe place?

What’s the voter, the citizen’s role in being informed and voting accordingly when it comes to wanting freedoms and protection? Both, when we vote as citizens in our respective country and when we vote with our Dollars, or Euros. When we make purchasing decisions and demands our product to be cheaper every day.

New borders are drawn as the internet continues to expand.

Borders, or the lack of national borders are a challenge. And a new level of protection and security needs to be devised.

There is no badguys.com. As NSA Deputy Director Richard Ledgett pointed out. What does that mean for businesses that re developing products that have a global reach?

If a bar over-serves alcohol to a patron who crashes his car and kills an innocent pedestrian we shut the bar down, revoke the license and consider the correct oversight.

But is Google too-big-to-fail already? Is Amazon, Apple, Facebook? Are ‘bad guys’ using those products, apps, tools? And what is the ultimate responsibility of a corporation who maintains those products? What is the responsibility of the government when they find out? What is the responsibility of the citizen, customer, when he/she finds out?

The worst part about learning more is that you are left with more questions than answers. Always.