Now that all your votes are counted, we can take a final look at the views on each interview on our ‘You Make Olympia‘ series and compare some numbers.

Position #2:

Stephen Langer: 36% – Democritus Blantayre: 64%

Stephen Langer wins the seat with 89% of the votes. Here the percentages do not at all, reflect the actual outcome of the election. I am most certain that the video served as the one of the only platforms for Democritus to present himself online. He didn’t have a website or a social media presence and our video was the number one search result in Google for most of the campaign. Langer’s video was the first we did and the earliest up, but as the race outcome seemed pretty obvious, not many people needed to see Langer already serving on the Council. Langer’s was least watched, while Democritus was the most watched video outside the mayoral candidates.

Position #3:

Nathaniel Jones: 54% – Rhenda Iris Strub: 46%

The race for position number 3 exactly matches the outcome of the election results. It was the least watched pairing of all our videos, both candidates had campaign websites, Jones probably one of the strongest web presence of all candidates and Strub running as incumbent, being fairly well-known in the community.

Position #7:

Jim Cooper: 50.4% – Brian Tomlinson: 49.6%

An incredible tight race on my eTV view count Cooper wins it with less then 1%. Not so much in reality, Cooper beats Tomlinson by almost 27%. Both candidates had good web presences, social media and websites, both ran almost individual races, it didn’t feel like a big group of supporters where sign-waving, door-belling and writing non-stop opinion pieces for the local paper.

Olympia Mayor:

Dick Pust: 44% – Stephen Buxbaum: 56%

Our most popular race, eTV rightly guessed the winner, but in the real world Buxbaum won by 59%. Both campaigns had good support, online and offline. From our straw poll right before the Primaries where Buxbaum had taken 35% and Pust 32% you can see shift on voters, I mean viewers.

So, what did we learn from this?

For me personal it was an incredible experience to have taken the opportunity to sit down with all candidates and discuss their view of the City, share some challenges and observations and ask questions that matter to me.

All candidates that lost, even or especially the decisive losers surprised me with their heart for the city and with good ideas. Winners, and candidates that were expected to win answered save, predictable and sometimes boring. Did the interviews sway my vote? No, unfortunately not.

Would I do the video interviews again?

Several people showed their appreciation that we put the time, energy and money into this project and this feels good. But is Olympia ready for this kind of media coverage? No. Here in this town people play safe, choose their allegiances wisely. They put their money not where their mouth is, but where they will get a save, if small return. Working the demo burger booth and the associated party, checking in with the old-boys club is still more respected. We live in a risk averse community. Taking a risk in Olympia means trying the neighbors homemade pie.

Here is how I feel Olympia voted

Think of yourself taking your wife for a week to an exciting vacation and you need a baby sitter for your kids. Who do you pick?

The save grandparents or the exciting uncle?
The save grandparent will make sure your kids teeth are brushed at night and they will eat their vegetables but you know your kids will be bored out of their minds with overly cautious sitters that will tell them to not jump on the couch. You will feel guilty when you pick them back up after your exciting trip.

Or do you pick the uncle that will wear them out, give them a good time and perhaps spoil them rotten while you are gone. While you might get a call from the emergency room but you certainly will have kids that had a better time than you.

It’s clear how Olympia voted, and it certainly wasn’t a surprise, cause this is what we expect from a city government official.

I don’t think we really had an ‘exciting uncle’ running for council this year and will probably not for a while. Because really, what exciting uncle would want that job in this City?