Today is LiveLifeLoud’s one year anniversary of the restart.

I’ve picked up blogging on this site in the Fall of 2011 after I had made many attempts to focus my attention locally but without getting the results I hoped for. And although LiveLifeLoudĀ has been my online home since 2001, not until last year did I finally create a concept that I have stuck with for so long, uninterrupted.
Now, after a year I can say I found a voice that really, truly represents me, my interests, and my views of the world. LiveLifeLoud’sĀ is Mathias Eichler. Here I blog, curate, and gather stuff that interests me. I speak from the heart. I connect dots, embrace a global perspective on culture and it’s festivals like the Olympics, the Oktoberfest, and I highlight places I visit or want to visit in the future. I enjoy the way business is changing the world and how business is being changed by our drive for innovation through technology. And I share music, movies, books and other great things worth sharing and worth owning. There are dots that need connecting and my aim is to connect them in a new way. Not for connecting’s sake, but to tell a different story. It’s a bit of innovation, a bit repurposing, and with a message: Open your eyes, there is more to that picture called life on earth.

I am not alone, and I thank you for that.

Over 6400 people visited the site reading my 1394 posts I created this last year. Over 20,000 pages were viewed, 22% on mobile devices.
I accepted my first advertiser and joined the Amazon Affiliate program.

This is the baseline. And this is serious.

This blog is about proving to myself and the people I always tell this to: ‘Yes, you can make money online’. This is my attempt to create a sustainable business for myself, one that doesn’t require me to be chained to a specific location. I want to travel and I want to take my business with me. I want to be available and take my work on the road in order to tell my story and connect the dots wherever I am, by gaining new perspectives as I go.

There is still a lot to learn.

One year is a long time in internet time, and I have learned a lot.
I’ve seen blog posts being picked up by search engines and shared on social media platforms. I’ve studied analytics, investigated patterns and chased news stories. I’ve succeeded in some and failed in others.
But I’m still hungry. I’m encouraged by what I’ve seen, and driven by what still needs to happen.
This last year was great, but it should only be the baseline and there is only one way, and that is up.
I want to grow this site, grow it’s readership, grow it’s influence and ultimately grow it’s business.

So, thank you my dear fans for listening and indulging me. Thank you for reading, thank you for being encouraged, challenged, informed by what I write, or at the very least entertained.