As a bilingual user of a PC I’ve dealt with the fact that the computer knows English and a bit of something else for years. Until Mac OSX Lion every German email I wrote came underlined with every word in red, which prompted me to turn of auto-spell-checking. This, since English is my second language resulted in lots of spelling-errrors… not good.

Now since Mac OS X Lion ‘the machine’ is able to fix words that need the German Umlaut: ‘ü/ä/ö’ and the ‘ß’ automatically, which is awesome. But what I just found out today is even more amazing:  It also underlines words I misspelled in German. It knows when I am writing a German email and spell-checks accordingly, this is brilliant people, brilliant!

This will actually encourage me to write more in German, so that is the plan!

What an incredible level of detail. That’s why I love using a Mac.