Interesting twist. While the website sits there almost forgotten, the writers and editors have been busy behind the scenes working on an eBook that’s for sale on Amazon.

Buy This Book Before You Buy Facebook: A PandoDaily Expert Guide To The Internet’s Biggest IPO

And given that it just launched a couple of days before the IPO, I wouldn’t be surprised if all resources where pulled from actually working on the website and poured into making the eBook happen.

I’ve been calling for Pando to lead the way in finding a new way to monetize content, and I must admit that this is an interesting new approach – kudos. That’s the kind of stuff I wanted to see.

I wonder if the eBook will be a success and lead to more of this kind of content. Pando could essentially become a publishing house rather than just a news blog. Or if the eBook was just a one-of project, trying to cash in on the Facebook IPO media hype and now that it’s over, almost, resources can be reallocated to actually developing PandoDaily as a proper Tech news outlet. Especially in the light of the recent rumors, it has some competition again.