Milo Yiannopoulos writes for The Kernel and thinks Pando is in trouble.

Six months in, absent visionary editorial leadership and running out of cash having hired too quickly, you may find yourself in financial trouble, with an audience that frequents your content by necessity but which, when all is said and done, simply doesn’t like you very much.

I agree with much every word and I am glad to read that he hates the Meebo Bar too.

What I am curious is that aside from the editorial criticism which is definitely valid and something I don’t really have much value to add (I’m writing this blog not in my native tonuge, and I am aware of my challenges) I am curious if The Kernel has a better monetizing strategy. Of course, everything is better than a Meebo bar, but blogs are incredibly hard to monetize in a elegant way and I am curious if The Kernel has figured it out. I believe we all would like to know.