Thinking about the use case for a bigger phone on Twitter:

If the iPhone will get bigger with the next iteration can it still be used as a device for running? Or will that require a ‘smart watch’?

At home I use the iPad mini almost exclusively. But on the road I could not imagine a bigger screen.

To the people who argue for a bigger screen. What use cases are they envisioning? At what times do they want a bigger screen?

It’s becoming clear to me that the main buyer will be the one who’s iPhone is the main and only personal computer. The notion goes: I need the biggest screen I can possible get while still get the device subsidized by the carrier, so it’s in the sub-$200 category and I can replace it every two years.

How much of an impact has the carrier subsidy in the purchasing decision of a phone/phablet? And how will this relationship change in the near and far future as more and more activity will go straight over data?