Gather, copy, and perhaps edit, but never attribute? This is the state of news generation online. Perhaps it has always been that way, just now we can actually trace it back.
Felix Salmon for Reuters:

One would hope readers and advertisers would eventually catch on to the kind of lazy lifting that would earn middle school students an F. But that hasn’t happened yet.

Locally, this is not traceable. The local paper in town never once gave me credit for scooping a story on Everyday Olympia, never a link or a mention.
Local businesses and community members rarely connect the dots on where the news comes from. Who in my town has Analytics installed on their sites and knows how to use it?
I am not excusing the behavior at all, I am just stating that this is not a new phenom due to fact that the Internet is wild, this has always been that way, and happens in every area of news generation.

Unfortunately, now we have the tools to do better and we still don’t do it.