Gary V., which you all know, I follow very regularly, did a Jelly Talk for The Yahoo! peeps in NYC.

Here is my response I posted in the comments:
I watched it Live as well. The thing that stuck out for me is your challenge on why brands haven’t done their own magazine. And the two things I would bring to the table is, that in the past some of them tried and miseravbly failed. Starbucks was perfectly positioned at the heights of their cult when they launched JOE, a magazine that never made it past a couple of issues. People, customers never adopted the idea of a brand also editing content. It seemed insincere.

Now, the timing might be better, but for large scale brands I think it’s still a challenge.
I’ve been trying to do just that on a very small scale in my city Olympia. I own a home & kitchen store: but also run the downtown neighborhood blog and magazine:
Does it work?
Time will tell, but I’ve realized the same thing and am trying to take advantage the ability to create content myself rather then paying for expensive ad space.
Thanks for the continues inspiration!

What do you think??