San Francisco announces their bid to host the Summer Olympics in 2024.

While on one side this will kill any chances for Seattle making a big in the near future, this is in itself is an exciting announcement.

They have my full support. Love when the Games come close to home. I will totally go!

PS: There’s a larger and much deeper conversation to be had around the future of Olympic Host Cities and how this can be structured and maintained for future generations. And this needs to happen, don’t get me wrong. But that juggernaut must turn slowly and carefully. And I pray the IOC will find a solution on how the Olympic Games should represent themselves for future generations.

PPS: Their website needs serious help. Super slow, buggy scrolling and blurry images. For crying out loud, they are in the Bay Area. You’d think they find a few designers and developers who could help them get a site up that represents the City.