Notes from SF:

Platform, the most used word on stage at last week’s MOMENTUM, Docusign’s annual conference. Every speaker used it several times. It’s clear what every startup is chasing: Becoming a platform as fast as possible.

But is ‘being a platform’ the end goal?

If Salesforce is the darling of the latest ‘platform chasers’ it should worry you:

As an enterprise software company that helps more than 100,000 customers understand their business better, one would hope that (CRM) would have some insight into their own business. Responding to an SEC review, Salesforce says they cannot tell what products are growing sales, or whether those sales are coming from new customers, upgrades, or additional subscriptions to existing customers.

As a Salesforce partner this is quite unsettling. And as someone who’s been watching startup ‘disrupt’ the industry year over year, I can say that it’s always ‘platforms’ that are being disrupted first.

So, who’s ready to disrupt?