Europe ponders the technological advancements of the West Coast and tries to find it’s own Silicon Valley while eyeing jealously at the success of Google, Apple and Facebook. At this week’s Medientage München the

Wir brauchen die allerbesten Glasfasernetze der Welt, eine Kultur, die Scheitern ermöglicht und eine stärkere Vermarktung des digitalen Europas. „Sell, sell, sell, Baby!

(Translation: We need the best fiber-optics in the world, a culture that allows failure and a stronger marketing of the digital Europe.)

Everyone is trying to copy the success of Silicon Valley.  Success, that has only really come to light in the last few years as the US is continue to slump around in a self -induced recession it seems to not be able to out-innovate itself. While a tiny corner in California is revolutionizing our world and every aspect of our lives.

We all dream of a Silicon Valley in our backyard.