Finally I was able to take the plunge and sign up for the amazing ‘Dollar Shave Club‘. (Had to finish my old supply of random razors from last couple of years of stocking stuffers first). Last week the razor and blades arrived. I signed up for the $6 option, which seemed like the most logical choice, since on the $1 option you have to pay for shipping. On the $6 option it’s included and I’m not in huge shaving need on a daily basis, so the $9 seemed overkill. My beard doesn’t grow that rapidly, I didn’t grow up in a forrest, I usually just have to shave every other day.

So, first impressions:

• Ordering was simple, painless and fun. The product arrived within a few days.

• Razor looks real nice, feels nice in my hand.

• Packaging was simple, but brilliant. Just the right amount of funny to make you feel good about an ordinary “drugstore” purchase like a razor.

• The swivel of fold top is something I need to get used to a bit. Having used solid blade heads I am used to a bit more direct control.

• The sharpness of the blades are the one thing that confused me a bit. I’m so used to, when using a new razor for the first time, having that feeling that I am going to cut my neck off. Those blades didn’t feel that sharp. They worked fine and perhaps it had something to do with swivel head that I didn’t get the amount of pressure I was expecting, but this is something I need to monitor a bit more and wager against how long the blades are lasting to see how I feel about it.

The verdict:

I love companies that try to disrupt the old established space of ordinarily shopping experiences. Love the humor of the marketing and am very hopeful about the product. I don’t need a phenomenal blade but in general am weary of the endless subscription business models.

Something that I only found out after I had already signed up was the option of having a shipment delivered every other month, instead of monthly. That along with the possibility of sharing blades with your partner/spouse by ordering a second handle made me definitely want to continue using the product. Now it’s just $3/month or $1.50 per blade which is cheaper than running to Target any day.

So go out and feel good about your shave. And as a bonus you can feel cool about the company you support while shopping in a cool new way.

Bonus: And all of this happened during ‘Movember’, what is wrong with me?

(Above link is an affiliate link. When you click through and sign up, I get a month of free blades – thank you!)