TED2014 remote notes:
(This is the time again for me to follow along from afar, wishing I was there, yet being fascinated beyond belief the community of inspiration TED is able to create, year after year. One day. One day I’ll be there.)

Just watched Edward Snowden at TED. For the first time I spend some time hearing directly from the man what has happened, and what is going on.

It’s insanely offensive to let it sink in that America, who’s in many ways has given us many of the great things that make the internet today is now actively working so very hard on destroying just that.

It feels like being a citizen of a great country, with  privileges, pride, and with an understanding of the live around me and waking up one morning realizing the government has declared war on its citizens. It’s not guns we need to protect us as citizen militia, it’s people willing to build a better, more secure internet.

I’ve grown up in the internet age, I’m not willing to give up this great privilege.