Lots going on in my head and in my store in my downtown this week.

Flash is falling from grace. Adobe has no answer or solution. I wonder what Mr. Flash himself over on Praystation is thinking about that. Remember the good old days of webdesign? Somehow I was never able to wrap my head around Flash, felt that this four dimensional coding was something I couldn’t do. Well, and I was very early on a big devoted follower of Zeldman‘s Web Standards mantra. Not showing off, but nanananana…

iPhone 4 is spotted in the wild, and while everyone is debating on how unlawful and unethical Gizmodo has been behaving everyone is still posting the photos and stories everywhere… What I am wondering what is happening at Cupertino right now. Will heads roll? Will Steve yell? Or will they all laugh because Apple AGAIN received Millions of Dollars worth of free advertising? You can’t buy yourself all that publicity.

Europe is up in the air again, while they are waiting for the Iceland’s volcano’s cousin to respond the call for eruption.

In Sports, the Sounders will play two games on the road and Bayern won 1:0 against Lyon in the Champions League semifinal.

I want to do a conference. Shortly after SXSW, Twitter had theirs and Facebook has theirs this week. For developers, they call it, but by know everyone is so entwined in using those social media tools, that those conferences increasingly become very interesting for everyone to, well not attend, but at least pay attention to. Think about how tech companies create a simple product and tools and find ways of attracting thousands of people who are spending their time and risking their business on creating usability for those platforms. Some will work and some will fail but all together they are creating an infrastructure that is changing our lives. Now, translate this into our local community, how could this translate into what we’re doing here in Olympia. I will keep you updated on that thought, there is more to come, I’m liking this.