You know when you’re an entrepeneur, you choose to be one, cause you love the challenge and you love doing everything yourself and you love driving and pushing and fighting and you choose the road less travelled, the road that’s sometimes lonely, sometimes frightening.

Yeah, so sometimes that can be a total drag. Right, you have those days when things are just so incredible slow, awefully complicated and dreadful.

Well, but then there are those moment, those brief glimpses in all this hustling, fighting and grinding when things fall into place. Often just for seconds, but everything seems bright and shiny.

Today we launched Inspiration Institute. A new non-profit, I run with Jonathan Campbell and hopefully soon many more people.
The really great thing is, I didn’t have to do anything about it. Jonathan took care of it. All the registration, the filing, all the paperwork. And all of a sudden, we’re LIVE.

Those moments a re very special, when you realize you have people around you, you can trust, you can leverage, where you feel like you’re spreading your wings and things grow just a little bit bigger, a little bit beyond you – this is a great feeling!