I gave the mail client Sparrow a good chance. I really did.

Tried adjusting my workflow to it’s unique features. Liked some, like the pull-to-refresh and the quick reply. Facebook integration wasn’t a huge game changer for me and neither was the Dropbox integration. In fact I like that Mail uses big previews when you insert a PDF into a mail message, rather than those puny thumbnails Sparrow uses. I hated that somehow the entire time I felt like I was “loosing” emails, older ones. They would drop below the screen and I felt like I never was able to recover them. Of course, in all fairness those emails are still there, but the app make me feel like they were gone.

So, I will give it a try again sometime in the future, perhaps when work and the corresponding email communication is less hectic. But, perhaps that is Sparrow’s greatest flaw. It’s a great app for simple coordinated straight-forward email communication. But for “power-users” it lacks the organisational strength to give you the confidence that those 300 projects from those 58 clients are all managed to satisfaction.

And I might’ve been too biased since both Jason and Brandon, the two people who swear by it are also the to people who loathe email.

So, now I gotta update “My Setup“.