Eric Pravitz on the Seattle PI Fan blog:

And this is where I feel compelled to make a comment on San Jose. They are a team that has found success based primarily on exploiting the weakness of MLS officiating. And no one exemplifies San Jose’s style more than Steven Lenhart. With his Sideshow Bob hair, and his penchant for flying through the air at the merest hint of contact, Lenhart uses his antics to disrupt play and overwhelm the official with phony fouls in hopes of drawing a penalty on the opposing players. Their tactic is to cause confusion and chaos and hope that it creates an opportunity for one of the leagues best goal poachers, Chris Wondolowski, to score. As long as MLS referees reward his antics San Jose will continue to employ that style. My fear is that other teams will see how successful this tactic has been for San Jose and it will spread to other teams.

Sore looser or sharp observer?