Andy Ihnatko:

Right now, I’m thinking about the revolving door of CEOs at HP, and the revolving door of “revolutionary, game-changing projects” at Google. How un-Steve can you get? On an evening when most geeks are thinking about Steve Jobs, it’s impossible to imagine the concept of a tech company headed by someone who’s just in the gig for a few years of kicks and then an eight-figure buyout before they move on to whatever the next vacant seat is. It’s impossible to imagine a CEO who doesn’t feel passionately, with utter commitment about the company he runs. It’s impossible to imagine a company introducing a product that has every necessary component of success except the full, enthusiastic faith – bordering on arrogance – of a CEO who believes that this product or service will change the world and if the world isn’t on board with that truth right away, then this CEO has to just stick to his guns until the world catches up.