Maybe what we should have done with this $5,000 – and with the ODA’s budget, and with the PBIA’s budget – is turn them over to Mathias. He says in the post that several people at the evening meeting thanked him for having been advocating and doing many of the things PPS recommends steadily since he’s been in town; I couldn’t agree more. Giving him some funding to expand his activities seems like a sensible, obvious way to improve downtown to me; I think empowering talented people who are part of the community is far likelier to produce results than flying somebody across the country to spend a couple of days here…

I posted this already on Everyday Olympia. Thad summarizes his thoughts on the PPS visit in Olympia from earlier in the month.

It’s fascinating to me, that we are so reluctant to trust local voices, local businesses and rather over and over again reach for out-of-towner brings the great truth from far away.

BTW, I have some great ideas for my town, if we can get this cash flowing that Thad speaks of, I am ready to get moving!