Notes from SF

Joanna Stern:

And the only thing worse than handing over business cards is not having any to hand over.

Found this article via The Talk Show podcast. And yes, I was just at a conference, a tech conference about digitizing everything. We were give HP Slates as swag. And yet we had several conversations about the fact that business cards are still the status quo in exchanging information. Clearly LinkedIn is the professional network for connecting people in the business world. No one would want to friend someone on Facebook after a short encounter wearing suits and when you ask about Twitter you usually get a smirk as a response. That’s where you might go to blow off steam as an alter ego, so the thinking goes.

But LinkedIn also hasn’t launched a platform agnostic business card exchange, a bump feature that actually works or a face recognition app.

I’m not asking too much here, right? We’re talking about tiny pieces of paper here.

But perhaps it’s not the tiny pieces of paper with personal information that needs to be interrupted. Perhaps it’s the satisfaction of handing something over, giving something away, sharing something, receiving a contact, a connection, making a friend.

Disrupt this, please. While I go ahead and print some more business cards.