Gary announced today that he’s going to be “retiring” from the public. Of course, this doesn’t do his decision justice. He’s stepping back to focus on what lies ahead and what’s important.

He’s done a tremendous hustle over the last few years. Pushing out hundreds of Winelibrary TV episodes, written (and promoted!) his book Crush it! and spoken on every conference and event that had remotely something to do with social media.

Yes, he has walked the talk, he has delivered.

I’m not critiquing one bit the decision he made this week. Stepping back, focusing on what important, developing his business and tying up many loose ends. Good for him!

In fact, this is what I am dreaming of doing as well.

I run a retail business in Olympia.

Am working hard on establishing a web store.

Established Everyday Olympia as downtown’s neighborhood blog, complete with contributors and advertisers.

Continue to do work on livelifeloud, working with various clients and built our their web presence.  Consult on social media strategies for businesses and individuals.

Establish many events in downtown Olympia: First Friday, Halloween, A Table for Olympia.

I’m working now on Craft X NW and am trying to built this into a monthly event.

Working on Inspiration Institute, a new non-profit that hopefully can contain many of the above things.

Oh, and there is more…

But, this is where I’m at. I still have a few more years of hustle, of sweat and spreading thin, thinner and trying not to break, but this is where its at today and it will continue.

So, Gary, good luck to you. I envy you – in a good way! And we will see us on the other side!