Now listen up. All you “the internet is for the young folks” type. This is basically a written “Don’t Watch This“.

Today I had lunch at Ben Moore’s, a local hole in the wall diner with my good friend Rob Richards in downtown Olympia. He treated, thank you Rob, so I had Liver and Onion and it was delicious. Yes, you should try it sometime!

But, this is not a post about the food. This is about the internet! So, here is what went down: I had a couple of older gentlemen sitting in the booth behind me. You know, the ones that know the waitress and order a piece of pie to share. In their mid-sixties perhaps older. I had to listen to their conversation, you have to in diners like that. So, guess now what they were talking about? No, nothing dirty, fool.

They were talking about sharing Kindle E-books via their Dropbox folder for their iPads.

I am not making this up people. This was incredible. I wish I would’ve had my Flipcam with me, and well some guts to immediately turn around and interview them. This was priceless!

I repeat for you slow folks: Two men in their mid-sixties were sitting in their local diners talking about sharing Kindle ebooks via their Dropbox folder for their iPads.

What does that tell you people? It tells you that the future is f%^&ing here! That’s what’s going on. So listen up and get with the program. Which you might already since you’re reading this. So, well done to you!

If you’re not, do you want me to print this out and submit it to your local paper that you’re not reading, because you’re checking the pictures your uncle uploaded to Facebook?