A few weeks ago there was some talk by several tech bloggers around how awfully bloated iTunes has become. It’s really an on-going struggle and I took some time awhile back to talk about iTunes as it pertains to the music/movie/app/everything store and how cumbersome it is to find stuff and what should happen.

Well, this time around I want to draw your attention to iTunes as hub for syncing your devices. The name still doesn’t make sense, i”Tunes” perhaps is trying to evoke ‘tuning’ your devices rather than managing your tunes, but as a hub for syncing iTunes is not good enough. Most bloggers talk about iTunes and are stuck between the reality that iTunes as a one-piece software is the trojan horse in the windows world and cutting it up into smaller apps that each do exactly what they should do would not work on PCs. So, the argument goes: Apple will keep iTunes as a one hub app on Windows and split it apart into smaller, more focused and manageable apps on the Mac. Here is my idea/solution for the Mac:

Keep iTunes one app, but merge it with the Finder.

The Finder needs some love, clearly, and increasingly every app requires some form of syncing, and every Mac owner has a couple of mobile devices. Syncing is one of the key tasks one still does on a computer.

So, bring it all together, and allow the mobile device that’s talking to the Mac and is in need of syncing, go directly through the Finder when connected and ‘find’ all the files that need updating that way.

That could either move the store also into the Finder, that would open up the channel for potential more sales, or move the store away from the ‘syncing’ of the devices and would position the store more of a standalone unit and have it compete with the destination that is Amazon.com.

So, iTunes will fade away in OS X.9 or whatever the cat after Mountain Lion will be called. Or perhaps Apple will announce it at WWDC as a surprise element that no one saw coming.